Sunday, August 12, 2007

sniff sniff

We have yet another HUGE accomplishment in this house!

Think to yourself, for a moment, how quiet the sound of a dog sniffing is. OK, you've got that image in your head now right? GREAT! Read on. :-)

Casha is actually able to hear the sound of the dog sniffing! Each and everytime she sees a picture of a dog, she sniffs. She sniffs at pictures of our dog, other dogs, when she sees her dog outside through the back door, and when she sees dogs on tv. She absolutely loves to watch the Eukanuba dog show on Animal Planet on Saturday mornings.
I do realize this seems a bit extreme to be excited about something like a sniff but if it weren't for her cochlear implant Casha would NEVER had heard anything like a dog sniff. She couldn't hear the lawn mower right in front of her before she was implanted. :-D

Carrie, feel free to post a comment telling us how many dB you think a dog sniff might be:-D

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ruthied said...

Hi Cate and Ryan - Grandma Johnsen here. I'm wearing my new hearing aids and can't believe all of the sounds I"m hearing - birds singing, clock ticking, computer humming (can't pick out the tune yet tho.) Had to turn the TV volumn down last night, can you imagine? I'll tell you all about the "new" part when we come in May. Can't wait. Love G'ma.

Love Me Forever!! Who Couldn't?

Love Me Forever!! Who Couldn't?
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