Friday, November 14, 2008

Just had to have 'em

...showing off the latest addition to my wardrobe...

...admiring the cuteness that is me...

...yeah, I'm uber cute ;-)

Another self portrait

Test drive :-)


1st Haircut


I absolutely LOVE Halloween at this age. They don't care about the candy
(so there's more for Mom and Dad) and they look totally cute!

Free candy sure does make you thirsty.

Could she be any cuter waiting for trick-or-treaters??

She's taking after Meghan.

She took this picture of "Baby Puppy Princess Meghan"...

and this picture of her alphabet poster...

and this picture of a picture of her adorable baby cousin Lyla.

Love Me Forever!! Who Couldn't?

Love Me Forever!! Who Couldn't?
Our sweet Lil' Princess Buttercup